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Zero Waste Network | Brand & Stories 

Nook is passionate about supporting the community of social enterprises that focus on reuse, repair and recycling. These enterprises create local, sustainable jobs, reduce and divert materials from landfill and strengthen communities.  

Nook worked closely with the Community Recycling Network of Australia, the peak body representing Australian community recycling enterprises. Nook produced the launch video to promote the newly formed Zero Waste Network Sydney, which focuses on supporting and connecting enterprises in the Sydney Region.   

The video showcases their mission and ambition to build a stronger, connected network of enterprises that support growth and development of the sector. We believe that the community of social enterprises in this sector has enormous potential to be a source of positive change in the environment and people’s lives.  

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Role: Producer, Designer
Collaborators: Zero Waste Network SydneySouthern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), Reverse Garbage, Soft Landings, 107 Projects, NSW EPA

creative industries | procurement innovation

Proposal | Article

Under the existing NSW procurement framework it is difficult for government staff to find, engage and contract creative and cultural enterprises and workers. This article is a call to action for the NSW Government to reform its procurement scheme and policies. 

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resource recovery 

Waste to Wages | Pitch Documentary

There are hundreds of community recycling enterprises and innovators all over Australia, located in urban centres, rural towns and in our most remote communities.

This 11 minute pitch doco was produced to help raise awareness about their work. It was made specifically for local council waste managers and policy makers to encourage them to support their own local recycling enterprises.  

Role: Producer. 

Collaborators: Community Recycling Network and Resource Recovery Australia.