make paths | process stories

OGP Pathway.png

Explaining things shouldn’t be complicated.

Make Paths is a content design tool to help you design engaging, shareable interactive pathways for your processes, policies, and projects.   

We want to help organisations create compelling content which is meaningful, useful, and relevant to multiple stakeholders and audiences. 

We’re funding the development of Make Paths in two key ways: Process Storytelling and Content Creation Partnerships. 

If you have any process stories you need help visualising, get in touch!



make platform |  data stories 

Making open government easy.

We're creating an online platform to combine data, storytelling, and design to help inform communities and enable public participation. 

Using participatory design and data visualisations we have already created a powerful community engagement tool, Common Ground, in collaboration with the NSW Government.

Now we’re ready to work with wider communities and more data to create a reusable platform for everyone. 

If you are interested, get in touch.