A company of collaborators

Nook Studios was established in 2008 by producer Mel Flanagan to develop creative and collaborative solutions to real-world problems. We are focused on social impact projects, community services, environmental issues, data interpretation, open government and interesting design challenges.

We are service designers, communicators and cross-media makers. All our work is audience-first and outcomes-focused. 

Stories + technology x participatory design = impact

We like to bring people together to make things in unique ways. We take people on the journey with us to make sure we're on track, making something people will love. We use our storytelling and content production experience to interpret complex processes into simple visual and plain language. We really like to make useful software tools.  

We love to work on developing content and communications materials – whether they be copy, illustrations, visual design, process pathways, web apps, interactive digital projects, installations, data art, data visualisations, animations, motion graphics or documentaries. Sometimes we make big movies. 

We can produce or collaborate. We are happy to have a chat if Nook's philosophy, capabilities, and skillsets fit with your projects and objectives.



The act of producing is bringing something from nothing to life

Traditionally, the role of a producer is to make something - either a project, product or a service - and take that something from idea to audience or market. To make things happen. To craft things with love and care.

If we don't know how to make something, we work it out. To do this well, curiosity and leadership are the essential qualities required. 

Most projects have many collaborators - the producer is the gel.  Nurturing ideas and people is our core function. Collaboration is an inherent part of our process. 

Producers create, communicate and deliver the vision.  We make sure there is a plan. We pull together the right team of specialists and services, establish the right relationships, manage stakeholders, source funding and ensure all the right legals and safety mechanisms are in place. We make sure everything runs smoothly, juggle multiple tasks and support everyone as needed.

Producers are outcomes-focused. We are constantly problem solving. We must know, or get to know, our audiences. We need to be excellent communicators, be able to tell a good story about what we do and what we are making. Importantly we are responsible for ensuring the product or project is in good shape to release to our client, market or the audience. 

In the digital and tech worlds, producer is a term that has a number of meanings and is often misused and refers to a content coordinator role - or someone who can point a camera and edit stories. So in this realm, we often take the title of service designers, creative directors, content designers, or content and communications directors.

Our approach to information technology - is the ‘I’ is before the ‘T’!

Government digital services and providers are usually focused on technology first. In our experience projects fail because to often people start designing technology and digital services without content or data, or understanding who they are designing for and what they need. Gathering data and crafting content takes time. We advocate for rethinking the way governments make information services.

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We make and advocate for things we care about

Good people and good relationships are fundamental to the success of any project, product or service. The capacity to be agile and experimental are also important. We are always having to work out different ways of approaching a problem or project, working within the parameters of deadlines, environmental factors, or funding limitations and wrangling risk. To do this well, we must be pretty much across everything.  

Nook Studios is a mob of creative technologists and producers. We research and develop ideas and are often across all design and technical production. Before we take things to market we speak to our audiences directly; we build alliances and establish an ongoing sense of connectedness to what we make. 

Nook's kind of producing is the kind where we really only work on things we love. Things that we hope other people will love and value too. 

We're always on the lookout for new collaborators and fun people to work with so drop us a line to say hi!