Waste to Wages | Pitch Documentary

There are hundreds of community recycling enterprises and innovators all over Australia, located in urban centres, rural towns and in our most remote communities.

This 11 minute pitch doco was produced to help raise awareness about their work. It was made specifically for local council waste managers and policy makers to encourage them to support their own local recycling enterprises.  

Role: Producer. 

Collaborators: Community Recycling Network (now known as the Zero Waste Network Australia) and Resource Recovery Australia.

Feature Film | DOCUMENTARY

The Last Impresario 

A feature documentary and moving celebration of the masterful and enigmatic UK theatre and film producer, Michael White.  A man who challenged British culture with cult classics such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show,  Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Oh' Calcutta, Polyester and hundreds more shows. 

Premiered London Film Festival 13th October, 2013. In competition Sydney Film Festival 2014. The film was released in Australian cinemas in June 2014.  The film is available on demand via the trailer link below.  

Role: Executive Producer. 

Collaborators: Director Gracie Otto of Ralf Films and Nicole O'Donohue of Wildflower Films. 

Watch: The Last Impresario trailer 

short stories | cross media documentary series

Sacred Scraps Stories

Every resource, object, and project has a story. We're exploring the lifecycle of everyday things and the connections between resources, materials, people, places, technology, innovation and the environment.

Sacred Scraps is an interactive documentary series. A collection of short stories featuring raw materials, starting with their creation or extraction, through the creative processes of design, making and manufacturing, to the end of their life and how resources can be recovered, re-visioned, reused or recycled. 

We will tell our stories through interactive illustrations, maps, data visualisations, mini movies, podcasts, and process pathways - online and in real spaces.