Our Design Services

We are creative technologists who make, collaborate and design with people. A lot of the time we help people work out what they need and help them along their way.

Whether we are designing process pathways, mapping journeys and experiences, or making content and information services, understanding your purpose and audiences is essential to kick off any project. We can either get you started on your project in the research and discovery phase or be part of the end to end delivery of your vision. It all depends on your budget and timelines. We can tailor our process to suit your needs.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you, we’d love to chat.

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  • Purpose and outcomes definition

  • Audience and user research

  • Workshops and interviews

  • Stakeholder and systems mapping

  • Contextual analysis

  • Journey identification and mapping

  • Process and experience mapping research and co design sprints

  • Profile/character (persona) creation, user and jobs to be done stories

  • Content and data analysis

  • Project approach / recommendations

  • Engagement strategy

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Design Services

  • Creative direction / visual identity

  • Content strategy and design

  • Data narrative design, visualisations and infographics

  • Process pathways, experience journey maps, lifecycle and workflow

  • User experience design (UX) and interaction design

  • Information service design

  • Story development, copywriting, and editing

  • Visual communication & illustration

  • Video and animation production

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Service Delivery

  • Recommendations on process and systems reform

  • Process strategy

  • Engagement strategy

  • Communications strategy

  • Content pipeline planning

  • Process or policy improvement implementation

  • Digital tools to co-create, publish and help track policy and process changes over time

  • Social media and digital amplification

  • Service design and continuous improvement recommendations

Who we’ve worked with

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Open Gov & Transparency
Advisory Services

Nook are local and global advocates, part of large network of people, organisations and governments from all over the world who are all working on inspiring transparency, accountability and many other open government initiatives.

If you work in an organisation interested in transparency and open government but not sure what it is, or how you can do it, we’d love to help. We can design presentations suited to your needs, run discovery workshops, and provide bespoke advisory services for you and your team.

Interested in knowing more, please get in touch with Mel.