make paths | process pathway design tool

Explaining things should be easy.

We have a passion for designing process and journey maps. We also love making useful tools and content. So we want to help people make their own visually compelling process stories and maps.

Process pathways can help people navigate complex processes and easily follow a journey. They are a great way to help people immediately see the big picture, understand how things are connected, and can be powerful communications, educational, and engagement tools.

Our pathways help you tell a compelling visual story of a decision making process, bring legislation to life, illustrate a character journey or workflow, and map the lifecycle of a project, material or resource. They help people understand how things are connected, what happened when, with who, their place in a process, and how long things take.

Interactive pathways can track progress over time, help connect data and information in a meaningful way to make it easy for people to discover and navigate whole of government information.

Perfect for demystifying complicated government information such as; policy design, mining and water licences, environmental and consultation processes, mining and infrastructure project lifecycles, procurement or contracting pathways, legislation design, and many other decision making processes.

Some ways we’ve used process pathways to help governments be more open are here.

Do you have a process story you want to tell?

Make Paths is a content design tool we’re developing to help people design beautiful, engaging, shareable, interactive, animated, and printable infographic pathways of processes, policies, and project and product approaches and lifecycles.

Why? We want to help governments and organisations create compelling content which is meaningful, useful, and relevant to multiple audiences and to help drive public engagement and participation.

Our big vision is to create a home for people to publish and share their process stories.

We’re currently self-funding the development of Make Paths and Open Process through content creation partnerships. We’re open to innovation or civic tech funding opportunities too. 

If you have any process stories you need help creating or are interested in supporting us, feel free to get in touch!


make platform | data storytelling and public participation tool

Making data meaningful.

We're creating an open government online platform to combine data, storytelling, and participation.

Most data platforms are technical and lack contextual content. Open data is out there but not in formats accessible for non technical people. Platforms publish information but rarely have feedback loops. We’ve identified a global need to help inform and engage communities and industry, and deliver on open government commitments. 

In 2014 we created a revolutionary community engagement tool, Common Ground, in collaboration with the NSW Government. You can read more about the background to this project and our participatory design approach from in this article. Our work has been internationally recognised as best practice and inspired other governments.

Many people have approached us with a similar problem - wanting a way to connect and present data and policies in a community friendly way to drive engagement, collect data, and share feedback.

Over the last few years we've been in research and development to further this work by exploring different uses, themes, audiences, ways to connect more relevant data and create content assets to drive citizen engagement, often in a fast paced deadline driven environment.

Our mission is to use our experiences and collaborate with different organisations, governments, and communities across the world to create an reusable open source platform for everyone and anyone who wants to; connect and share data, publish useful educational content, enable public participation in government decision making, and drive community and industry engagement in project pipelines.

We're looking for content and funding partners, if you are interested, we’d love to hear from you.