We're a community of storytellers and makers on a mission to drive transparency and participation in open government through research, design and civic technology.

WhY we do what we do

We believe that we (the public) should be able to have the information we need to be meaningfully involved in decisions about matters that affect us and our communities.

Governments and many other organisations find it hard to tell their own stories and make engaging information services that connect with multiple audiences. People want to use data to make a difference or an impact, but they don’t know how.

We’re here to help people (including those in government) design content, systems and services that allow easy access to information and demystify complexity to drive well informed discussions and participation.

WhY civic technology?

'Civic tech' enables transparency, engagement and participation. It builds a bridge between people and government, enhances citizen involvement in decision making, can provide channels for people to hold governments to account, and empower people to participate in the design and development of public policy, services and communications.


Our work

Ways we've helped organisations to tell their stories and connect with audiences. 


Open Government Advocacy

The Open Government Partnership is a global initiative created to help bring governments, citizens, civil society, and the private sector together to develop and deliver commitments to make governments transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens.

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OpenOwnership, Guide to Implementing Beneficial Transparency

OpenOwnership’s mission is to drive greater corporate transparency across the world by making it easy to publish and access high-quality, linked data about who owns companies.


Common Ground

A web service to help people find information about coal, mineral, petroleum and gas activities in New South Wales.



Future Transport

Creating content to bring data and planning concepts to life across multiple channels for Transport for NSW's Future Transport Strategy and Plans to encourage community and industry participation. 

What we do

We design data narratives and make meaningful content. We apply our storytelling and audience engagement expertise to many kinds of products, services and projects. We specialise in interpreting data and transforming complex processes into simple and useful visualisations.

Make useful software tools. We design and make our own products, services and digital storytelling tools - with a focus on open government, data stories and improving access to information. 

Participatory Design. We can collaborate with you to research, scope projects, develop strategies and participatory design approaches, build an awesome team, engage with audiences, wrangle and produce content, map your processes, and create compelling visual communications and services.



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Who We Support

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We are a company of collaborators. We are not an agency or consultancy. We are a for profit for purpose enterprise. Therefore we only work on projects that are useful and have a social purpose. We get stuff done using participatory design methods.  We have our own projects, such as documentary series and designing open source open government tools.

We’re open government advocates and part of a growing global community.

We love to share our knowledge and we’re happy to help you design content, services or workshops to suit your needs. 

If you’re interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you!