We work on big government projects, and small and fun cross platform projects with big ideas. To follow are some examples of the lovely small content projects. More examples can be found in gov projects and advocacy.

creative direction | content design 

OpenOwnership, Guide to Implementing Beneficial Transparency

OpenOwnership’s mission is to drive greater corporate transparency across the world by making it easy to publish and access high-quality open and linked data about who owns companies.


We worked with the OpenOwnership team to wrangle all the useful content, expertise and tools they have developed in providing technical assistance to a range of countries considering introducing or implementing the laws and systems required to design free and open beneficial ownership registers.


Beneficial owners are the people who ultimately control, benefit from, and influence companies. Sometime beneficial owners are hidden by a chain of unaccountable corporate entities.

Beneficial ownership transparency is a global movement. People are becoming increasingly aware of the harm anonymous company ownership is having on communities, economies and business. Government are increasingly wanting to know who they are doing business with.


As advocates for beneficial ownership in Australia, we’re very close to this issue. Beneficial ownership is a relatively new policy area. The guide will evolve over time as more countries join and share their approaches, data and stories.

Social Enterprise | creative direction, visual identity, content design, video 

Zero Waste Network, Sydney

Zero Waste Network Sydney launched on the 22nd November 2017 and their primary aim is to help residents, local governments and businesses change the way they manage waste, conserving resources and creating sustainable local jobs. Their ambition is to grow the reuse, repair and recycling economy, generating local jobs and diverting more materials from landfill.

Nook designed the logo and visual identity for Zero Waste Network Sydney.

This was then applied to the new Zero Waste Network Australia website (formerly Community Recycling Network Australia - CRNA).

We produced a launch video to showcase the value of the Network and encourage local government and recycling enterprises to join, as well as infographics to be used to promote their vision. Nook has been supporting the resource recovery social enterprises pro bono for over 6 years. You can find more about our advocacy and pro bono work here.

To find out more: https://www.zerowastenetwork.org.au/sydney

museum | content design, story development, Experience design, audience engagement 

Australian National Maritime Museum, Warships

In January 2014 the ANMM ran a story, interpretation and design workshop for the three vessels Onslow, Vampire and Advance (which are currently located in the water outside the museum). The soon-to-be-built Warships Pavilion will be home to the stories of the three vessels and the Royal Australian Navy. 

Mel was part of a small team comprised of; ANMM creative producer Hamish Palmer, the ANMM digital curation team Nicole Cama and Penny Edwell, games designer Mike Jones, documentary producer Ester Hardy, and artist Alan Chen (who live-sketched as we conjured, debated and created characters and stories to bring the ships to life).  

In January 2015, Mel rejoined Hamish and a new ANMM team and group of experience designers and makers to craft stories, design and interpretation for the Vampire