WEB APPLICATION |  nsw dept of trade & investment



Easy access to information about exploration, mining, and production activities in New South Wales

The web app presents locations of applications and titles, as well as simple explanations of complex processes and other useful information about titles, companies, and the place of community in the decision making process for any potential activity.

Role: Producer, Service Design, Creative Direction, Content Production, Stakeholder Research and Management.

Client: NSW Dept of Trade & Investment, Division of Resources and Energy, Geoscience Information Program.

Collaborators: Small Multiples, Spatial Vision. 


Ngo research | Nsw procurement 

NGO Buyer Experience Research | NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

NSW Procurement and procurement teams in many agencies provide help to connect people with government rates and are a source of useful information about goods, services and suppliers used by the NSW Government.

The aim of this research is to help the NSW Government better understand how community, social and human services purchase goods and services and make procurement decisions, so they can improve their services to meet their needs. 


Greater Sydney Commission | draft district plans 

Research Recommendations | NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) has been established to oversee and coordinate urban growth in Sydney. It is responsible for metropolitan planning. Six District Plans are being drafted for publication. The purpose of this first exhibition phase is to solicit formal submissions, gather feedback and comments from all stakeholder groups on the content of the plans. The final plans will be published in late 2017.

We were asked to focus on how the GSC could “digitise the draft plans” to meet the first release deadline and what was possible in a 12 week timeframe.