To help raise awareness for Australia joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP), we made a process pathway to tell the story. The pathway shows how and when the Australian Government, citizens, civil society, the private sector, and small businesses worked together to develop Australia's 1st National Action Plan, released 7 December 2016. 

The poster was used widely at events and meetings by civil society, the Prime Minister and Cabinet OGP team , and the independent reporting mechanism. The interactive version had useful links to the content generated during the development of the National Actions Plans and how people were involved. Since publishing the first version of the pathway the submission information has been moved. The Australian Government is working on ensuring this information is open accessible again.


This version of the OGP Pathway was developed to coincide with the Open Government Summit in Paris in 2016. 

NSW mining & production | TITLES PROCESS

The story of mining and production in NSW and where community consultation should occur. Read more about the Common Ground project here. 

Download the PDF poster here.